Discovering what’s different about vulnerable cell types that die early in brain diseases.
Understanding cell types that mediate immune responses across brain regions.
Determining which proteins are produced selectively in brain circuits disrupted by disease.

Targeting cell-type-specific proteins to develop new treatments for brain diseases

With a powerful NETSseq target discovery platform, a large collection of human brain tissue samples and a proven team, Cerevance is advancing a promising pipeline of new treatments for central nervous system diseases.

For studying neurodegenerative diseases as well as diseases that affect higher-level circuitry, human data are much more likely to translate into clinical success than mouse data.

Our highly sensitive approach is critical for the identification of potential therapeutic targets that may be expressed at low levels in the mature brain.

Advancing drugs that act on selectively expressed targets should enable us to deliver new medicines that have superior efficacy and fewer “on-target” side effects.

Target Discovery Platform

Our proprietary NETSseq approach, invented by Nat Heintz and Xiao Xu at Rockefeller University, enables us to comprehensively profile specific brain cell types – including both neurons and glial cells – in mature human brain tissue.

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A Pipeline of Discovery and Clinical Stage Compounds

Cerevance is developing therapeutics that act on target proteins expressed highly selectively in brain cell types that die in disease, play a key role in the disease process, or are located in brain circuits disrupted by disease. In some cases, our NETSseq platform has revealed that a target protein is dysregulated in human disease tissue samples. We believe that advancing drugs that act on selectively expressed targets will enable us to deliver more effective medicines that slow disease progression or provide symptomatic relief while causing fewer “on-target” side effects.

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Our Team

Our team has exceptional depth in central nervous system research with expertise in neurology, neuropharmacology, neuroanatomy, brain circuitry, electrophysiology, CNS disease mechanisms, target validation, target engagement and drug discovery.

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